Jeremy Bullock
Safe Schools Summit

Jeremy Bullock Safe Schools Summit is an event coordinated by the Jeremy Bullock Memorial Trust and Charities Through Jeremy. The mission is to build best practices for student and educator safety and create safe school environments. This conference theme focuses on prevention and preparedness. Law enforcement officials, youth care specialists, a professor of education, and Montana’s current Governor Steve Bullock gave keynote speeches. Workshops are offered to discuss various methods for approaching the issue.

Project Goals

The Jeremy Bullock Memorial Trust wanted to convey positive messaging. The key attribute they wanted the summit to be associated with were: community – schools and families working towards a safe environment for students to learn.

Website Design

  • Create a website to inform and educate schools, law enforcement, first response facilities, and communities about the event.
  • Provide a point of contact for the event.


  • Vendors and attendees paid registration form.
  • Integrated Payment Processor.

Graphic Design

  • Create a recognizable logo for the event.
  • Create a postcard design to inform Montana schools about the event.


  • Have an image library of the first summit for future marketing materials.

Client Testimonial

Valerie developed our first website for the Jeremy Bullock Safe Schools Summit. We had no knowledge about where to begin, but she knew what was needed to set up a website, develop a logo, develop and track registration and manage the visual photography for the event all in an exceptional manner. We truly could not have pulled off the Summit without her expertise, guidance and professionalism in making it a reality. Can’t thank her enough!

Bill and Robin Bullock
Managing Trustee