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Our Values

Digital Spark Creative works with you to hone your competitive advantage by creating powerful digital and print design solutions. We collaborate with Organization Directors and Business Owners to illuminate what makes your brand authentic.

Excellent Service

At Digital Spark Creative, we pride ourselves on being highly communicative, organized, and on time with every project.

Solution Focused

We are problem solvers. First, we listen to your true needs and problems, then we come up with a plan to solve them.


We do an in-depth analysis of your business or organization and make sure to listen to your true needs.


We work together with our clients and with other creatives to bring top notch quality to the table.


We work hard to provide excellent work to all of our clients which is of our highest-standard.

Valerie Manne

Owner, Lead Designer

Valerie Manne is the Owner and Lead Designer at Digital Spark Creative. Attention to detail and commitment to quality help Valerie create unique design solutions. Her clear communication and deadline-driven work ethic ensure expectations are met. Valerie approaches each project with consistency, efficiency, and enthusiasm.

When not designing, Valerie enjoys time hiking in the surrounding Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest, woodworking, and spending time with her husband and cat.

Design10 of 10
10 of 10
Communication10 of 10
10 of 10
Work Posture2 of 10
2 of 10

Mitch Miller

Operations Director

Mitch Miller is the Operations Director at Digital Spark Creative. Mitch makes recommendations on how to increase efficiencies, reduce cycle times, and improve customer satisfaction.

Mitch enjoys reloading, hunting, and hiking in his spare time.

Workflow Efficiency10 of 10
10 of 10
Critiquing Designs5 of 10
5 of 10
Design0 of 10
0 of 10

Mr. Kitty

Office Manager

Mr. Kitty is our Office Manager. Although he doesn’t answer phone calls, manage emails, or handle typical Office Manager jobs – he excels at taking naps, warming laps, and giving orders to our team.

Getting Pets10 of 10
10 of 10
Productivity2 of 10
2 of 10

Local Specialists

Illustrators, Designers, Marketing Consultants, and more.

We love collaboration and like to bring in local talent when necessary on our projects. This way you get a specialist in their industry working on pieces of your project.

We strive to build local relationships and take pride in being 100% USA operated. None of your project will be outsourced to low-paid non-USA labor.

The Best at What They Do10 of 10
10 of 10
Local10 of 10
10 of 10

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Want to join our team?

If you consider yourself a problem solver and a talented designer who enjoys a challenge, get in touch!
We are always looking for local talent to bring to our team.