Why Invest in Branding?

To put it simply, building a strong brand brings value to your business. Great branding is something that takes significant research and planning to accomplish. By writing this article, I hope it will initiate new perspectives and ideas for how you will begin to build your brand. As time goes on, when you have your branding in place and are enacting these key components – you build customer loyalty. Nothing is better than having your loyal customers spreading your brand and referring more great customers.

Branding Builds Recognition between you and your Customers

You want customers to easily recognize your brand. By providing a consistent visual and similar experiences during each interaction, you are building brand recognition. Once someone has a positive experience with your business, they are more likely to return. So make sure they are able to easily find you! Do this by ensuring that your logo and all other materials are designed consistently and are easily recognizable.

Builds Trust with your Customers

Building trust is a multi-faceted achievement. You can do this by being reliable and consistent with your products and/or services. If people come to your business they are going to expect a similar positive experience for each visit. Another way you can build trust is by being transparent – explain how your business operates and how its day-to-day operations support your values and mission. You should demonstrate and share instances of acting out these business values in all of your marketing channels and in-person interactions. Another great way to build trust is by making yourself available to customers. Respond to your customers when they have questions and do so in a timely manner. These are just a few (but powerful!) examples that you can work on to build trust with your customers.

Distinguishes you from Competitors

Determine what you want to emphasize as your major distinguishing feature(s). Some example values that are commonly emphasized could be your quality, customer service, sustainability, experience, etc. These features should be obvious throughout your materials – in the text you use and visual graphics. Not only should you express these distinguishing features throughout your materials, but you should have evidence to back them. By having a strong brand in place with distinct values with examples to back them, you separate yourself from the competition.

Create a Connection = Build Loyal Customers

Ideally, your branding should instill a message, mood, or atmosphere for your audience. This would happen through their interaction with your website, in-person experiences, and your marketing materials. Your ideal customer should be able to relate or feel emotionally connected to what you’re saying in your overall image and materials. If you can create an emotional attachment between your brand and your ideal customers, they are going to want to support your mission and turn into loyal customers.

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