Swedish for “snowflake”, SNöFLINGA is a free, community-sponsored festival that takes place in and around Butte during the winter months. A group of winter enthusiasts from Butte got together in November 2015 to brainstorm ways to encourage recreation in the community during the winter months. In 2016, SNöFLINGA came to life.  What started out in 2016 as a small winter festival with a few outdoor activities has expanded to include over 18 activities across 8 different venues.



Project Goals

SNöFLINGA needed a website redesign to improve event management options, provide a better user experience, and website reorganization. We integrated registration forms and donation forms to the new website to prevent users from being directed outside of

Our Solution

Website Design

  • Restructured website copy to be SEO friendly with proper HTML heading structure.
  • Improved cohesion with SNöFLINGA branding.
  • Added Event Management system.
  • Custom registration forms.
  • On-site donation form.

Graphic Design

  • Designed a large printed banner for promoting the event.
  • Designed an easy print-out flyer for promoting the event.
  • Designed graphics for SNöFLINGA’s primary social media channels: Facebook and Instagram.
  • Developed and scheduled 1-month of content for social media leading up to the event.